V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David LLoyd Review

v-for-vendetta-comicRating:5 out of 5 Guy Fawkes masks

Summary:It is about an anarchist terrorist known as V trying to take down the fascist government that has taken over England after a nuclear war.

What I liked:

  • One of the things that I liked was the complex characters and how they change throughout the book. At the very beginning when you are first introduced to them you quickly form opinions of all of them. You think V is the coolest hero ever, Evey is just a weak young girl, Eric Finch is just a common police officer who is doing his job, and Adam Susan is just a heartless and evil dictator. But by the end of the book your view on them changes and you know that V can be heartless and unfeeling, Evey is willing to be strong and take charge, Eric Finch can think for himself and do what is right, and Adam Susan was just a weak, scared man. Okay, maybe you did not think that but I did at the time
  • I also like how the artwork matched up well with the story. This is because it was soft and shadowy, which matched well with the dark and mysterious mood of the book.

2015-04-21 11.49.57

  • Another thing I liked was the messages that it had in it, one of which was the true nature of anarchy. Like most people before I read this, I thought anarchy was just something having to do with destruction and no government that is loved by punks and people who like to blow stuff up. But after reading this I learned that is was simply living your life without anyone, especially the government, telling you what to do. That does not mean you could be a selfish jerk, but doing doing what is right and living the way people should. This was explained by V with anarchy being “The Land of do as you please” and chaos being “the land of take what you want”.

2015-04-21 12.27.55

  • the second message is that anyone can make the change they want in the world. In this day and age if is a common belief that even if something’s bad you can’t do anything about it and that is just the way things are. But in V for Vendetta we never learn the identity of V, only that he was the man in room five.

2015-04-21 11.51.30

The reason for that is because if we were to learn more about him we would associate his background as the kind of person who takes action, instead of thinking that anyone can change the system. We see this when Evey is considering taking off V’s mask when he died but chooses not to because it does not matter who is behind the mask, what matters is what they did.

2015-04-21 12.28.42

What I did not like:

  • The plot is extremely complex and while that does make it a good story, it is definitely not a light read.
  • Another thing is characters that you think are of no significance show up later on, so you also have to pay attention to them too.
  • The last annoying thing is ever since Anonymous popped up you see the masks everywhere. While I support the group I doubt that many of the people who wear that mask have read the comic.

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